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Plant Walk + Picnic - February 2020

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

We've been looking back on some old pictures from earlier this year - pictures where we were still welcoming people into our home, cooking together, and sharing homemade treats around the table. This gathering we hosted was pretty impromptu and it turned into such a lovely day! We all wandered around the yard together to forage for wild weeds and then collected some more plants in the garden. We harvested two baskets of plants - one for salad, one for soup.

Then we cooked a big collaborative feast to eat with homemade pickles, kimchi, cashew pecan pate, herbal teas, and Miguel's amazing bread. It was so fun and tasty, I got to talk about all my favorite plant friends growing outside, we spent time with good people, and the kids were interested and engaged too.

We figured that going forward, we'd aim to host a seasonal plant walk + picnic once a season. Little did we know how quickly and drastically the world would change.

While we miss hosting gatherings, we'll continue to find ways to connect, laugh, and share plant discoveries and farm fresh food with our community. See you on the interwebs. :)


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