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Loquat Garden

Back in February, we ended up with some very rootbound dill starts that had been sitting in pots too long. We had started a bunch extra in case ours froze over the winter, but they didn’t this year. So we decided to tuck the plants into a newer garden area to let them be seeds and food for pollinators. And with the help of friends, it made the project so much more fun.

Together, we pulled up the grass, worked in compost, and planted a couple more loquats. Then we added the dill plants, tossed in some seeds of cosmos and zinnias, and we’ve been tucking in other plants along the way. The moringas and curry trees are starting to leaf back out now, the dill plants are full of swallowtail caterpillars, and it’s a bustling little ecosystem over here! It’s beautiful and chaotic and it’s food, medicine, habitat, and community all rolled into one.


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