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Side Yard Garden Evolution

Updated: 3 days ago

We came across this old photo from when we first moved here and it was such a nice reminder of how far we've come. When we bought our little 100-year-old farmhouse, the inspector called us adventurous and told us he hopes we like projects. That didn't scare us away though. We were thrilled to have a house like this to love on, and as soon as it was ours, we got to work right away on our long list of things. There was much to do! Like...everything.

But since we're gardeners, we started there. We arrived with a hodge podge of herbs from our old place and tucked them into the ground near the house where we could tend to them more easily. It's funny to reflect on this time and we always laugh when we tell people that we had a garden before we had a functional restroom. Hah. It's true though. Priorities.

And the garden just expanded and expanded from there until there was no grass left.

Now that we've been living here awhile and have had enough growing seasons to observe how the sun, wind, and wildlife affect our space, we've shifted and shaped the garden beds to suit what works best. We also got a new roof, a catio, and a fence to protect our garden from armadillos and deer. Lots more to do like rain barrels and drip irrigation, but it's nice to see these early photos and be reminded of the beauty and abundance that's come from all our hard work so far. And everything's an ongoing progress.

Part of this process is continuing to build soil. We're in the Blackland Prairie and the previous owners had a horse, so our soil is compacted clay. Some of the herbs we planted in that first bed early on were just stuck in there without much amending. Occasional mulch and compost here and there. So now its time to loop back around finally and fluff up the soil with a broadfork and work in as much organic matter as possible.

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