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We are Cristen & Miguel, and Small Town Farm is our one-acre homestead, wildlife habitat, and plant nursery in Central Texas. We sell plants, herbal teas, spice blends, and other creations that incorporate herbs we grow. We also have resources on our website about homegrown wellness and nature connection.

To us, gardening, creating, and stewarding the land is a daily practice. And just like this site, our gardens will evolve slowly and organically. We're always tucking new plant friends into our ever-evolving food forest, documenting the many creatures who inhabit our space, and sharing what we learn along the way.

Cristen studied photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin, herbalism at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, permaculture at the Austin Permaculture Guild, and is a life-long student of the plants. Miguel loves cooking, carpentry, graphic design, and creating, particularly with salvaged materials. We've been gardening and making things together for more than 15 years. We aim to cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder, support a more resilient community, and inspire a new generation of gardeners to live in coexistence with the natural world.

For occasional announcements, special offers, and invites to on-site events, join our newsletter. 

To volunteer with us, here's our volunteer formAnd for more frequent updates about our harvests and happenings, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. To get in touch, message us at

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