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2021 Reflections

We’ve been reflecting on all that has happened here in 2021 and here’s a video of some of the highlights. With all that we want to do, sometimes it can feel like we aren’t moving fast enough, and this reflection was a great reminder that, wow - so much has happened! And that taking permission to pause is absolutely ok too.

This year we built a catio, helped start a seed library in our community, got a new roof, fixed up the teardrop zen pod, fixed up the greenhouse, made progress on the cabin, enriched our soil with lots of worm castings/compost/organic hay, rerouted all our greywater to feed plants, expanded our food forest and wildlife habitat, and spent a lot of time looking in awe at all the life and abundance that flooded in. We also turned that abundance into beautiful food and plant medicine, experimented with new plant friends, learned a lot of new things, launched our little online shop, had our first market booths, and got a bunch of homegrown veggie and herb starts to local gardeners. We weathered crazy snow and enjoyed gorgeous rainbows and sunsets. And most importantly of all — in the midst of another weirdly isolating year — we managed to connect with our community in meaningful ways.

We’re looking forward to a 2022 that is grounded in community and sustainability, full of curiosity and wonder, and in tune with the natural world. 🌿✨

🎶Music: The Plan by Built to Spill


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