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Front Yard Garden

When we moved here about three years ago, our front yard was all grass.

One of our neighbors gave us two peach trees, a friend gave us a loquat, and we quickly got a fence up around them after the deer discovered our newly planted goodies. The fence was meant to be temporary as the trees got established, but it ended up defining the keyhole shape of the garden and everything else has just evolved organically from there. We’ll tuck in some plants, nature will do her thing, we’ll toss some seeds around to fall where they wish, and the garden continues to grow and evolve as a result of this ongoing collaboration.

Now rather than being a bland monocrop of grass, our front yard is a rich and diverse ecosystem full of colors and textures and edible/medicinal plants that continue to grow and self-seed every year. So much more exciting and abundant than a lawn. 🙌🌿🌻🌸

🎶music credit: Find Enjoyment by Ray Barbee


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