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The best creations are always curated by the garden, and this is a homegrown trio of three of our favorite herbal allies: milky oats, rose, and fennel + plus a bit of our chai honey.

The world can feel like way too much sometimes, and this is one of the tools we use to calm an anxious mind. It’s nice to carry around in your bag and enjoy by the dropperful, add to your water to sip throughout the day, or drizzle onto yogurt or fruit.

🌹Rose finds its way into many of our herbal preparations and is a wonderful plant friend for heavy hearts.

🌾Milky oats is the same plant we consume regularly in the form of oatmeal or granola, but in this case we’re harvesting the young oat tops, tincturing them fresh when they’re in their “milky” stage and blending it up to get a good extraction. It’s a short harvesting window, which means we’ll only have this small batch until next year. The mineral-rich latex they exude is known to soothe frazzled nerves and help ease the mind and body when it’s feeling irritable, excitable, or overwhelmed.

🌱Fennel is a wonderful digestive aid that‘s soothing and delicious. It’s a beautiful wispy plant that we grow in abundance for our swallowtail butterflies and we always have plenty of fronds to flavor our salad dressings, infused vinegars, syrups, and herbal preparations.

This is a great cordial to carry around and take by the dropperful as needed. You can also add drops to your water or tea or drizzle it onto fruit, yogurt, or ice cream. Just some ideas.


Rose, Fennel, and Milky Oats Cordial

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