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Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Datura sp

Plant Family: Solanaceae

Datura is also often called “Moonflower” for its huge white blossoms that unfurl at night. This herbaceous perennial attracts sphinx moths / hawk moths / hummingbird moths, which are beautiful, beneficial nighttime pollinators. These plants are also drought tolerant once established and will thrive in any type of soil. Do note that all parts of this plant are toxic, however, so be sure to be mindful of this when incorporating it into your garden landscape.

Have you ever found a tomato hornworm chomping away at your tomato and pepper plants? These crazy-looking caterpillars can easily be relocated to datura plants or other nightshade-family plants, which they will happily munch instead of your food plants. Here’s more information about relocating hornworms to datura. Win win for everyone!


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