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Jewels of Opar

Updated: Apr 18

Talinum paniculatum

Plant Family: Talinaceae

Jewels of Opar in the Garden Ecosystem

Jewels of Opar, also known as fame flower, is a low-maintenance edible plant that thrives in the heat and sun; makes an explosion of cute little pink flowers in the summertime, is a beautiful border plant in the edible landscape, and it self-seeds readily. As a heat-loving groundcover, jewels of opar would do well sharing space with a cold-loving ground cover like maybe false dayflower or baby blue eyes. Since the plants have opposite bloom times, they can take turns being dormant underground and going into their full expression.

Working with Jewels of Opar

Like malabar spinach, it is a lush, edible green that thrives in the heat of the Texas summer. The leaves can be used as a spinach substitute.

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