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Summertime Happiness Rolls

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

The mood has been heavy lately and there’s lots of joy to find in the garden, so we‘ve been making happiness rolls from some of the plants that thrive in the summer. They‘ve been a big hit and will probably be part of the regular rotation over here. Here’s how we make them so you can make your own.

Step one: Harvest from the plants you have in abundance. Even if you don’t have a formal garden, you might be surprised by what’s growing around you that’s edible. Always make sure you’ve properly ID’d the plant first, only take what you need, and always leave plenty for the pollinators.

Step two: Set up your workspace and Prepare all your ingredients assembly line style. You can keep everything separate and orderly if that’s your aesthetic or mix it all up confetti style.

  • in basket one, we have: roses, passionflowers, zinnias, lemon balm, purslane, and jewels of opar leaves

  • In basket two, we have: Malabar spinach, passionflowers, zinnias, lemon balm, salad burnet, and red spiral mallow flowers, and sunflower sprouts

  • In basket three, we have: purslane, passionflowers, sunflowers, and red spiral mallow

Step three: Dip rice paper in water, put on flat surface, and stick most decorative ingredients (the ones you want to see at the top of your roll) face down.

Step four: Add the rest of the ingredients. This can be rice noodles, tofu, carrot and cucumber sticks, salad ingredients, etc. Fold two sides in toward the center, start at one end, and roll. Repeat with step 3, making one roll at a time so the paper doesn't get too soft as you wrap.

Step four: Serve with peanut sauce, cashew sauce, chili garlic sauce, or whatever you like. These make great snacks for picnics since they’re served cold.


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