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Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Solidago spp

Plant family: Asteraceae

Goldenrod in the Garden Ecosystem

This beautiful perennial grows in large patches and shoots up tall flower spikes that bloom in the fall. It’s also a late source of nectar for bees before the winter. The plant is drought-tolerant, grows well in poor soils, and can often be found lining the roadsides.

Working with Goldenrod

Goldenrod leaves and flowers can be worked with in tea, tinctures, oil infusions, herb bundles, and a variety of other herbal preparations. The plant is often blamed for allergies since it’s in full bloom around this time, but the less showy ragweed with inconspicuous flowers is often the culprit. Goldenrod is actually known to assist some people with seasonal allergies and sinus issues, and has many other herbal actions.

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