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Growing Chamomile in Central Texas

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Matricaria chamomilla

Chamaemelum nobile

Chamomile is a beautiful plant with delicate daisy-like flowers. It's a wonderful companion to the garden ecosystem, it can be tucked around other plants to attract pollinators and beneficial insects, and it phases out just as summer plants are phasing in.

Growing chamomile

Many nurseries sell chamomile transplants in early spring, but in Central Texas, we find that to be much too late to get chamomile started in the garden. We start chamomile transplants in late summer and get them in the ground in the fall. That way they can develop their leafy rosette throughout the winter months and start making blooms in early spring when the weather's still cool and mild. By June, the plants are often dried and crispy from the heat. We've found chamomile plants to be quite frost-resistant once they've had time to settle into the ground and they do well in a range of soil types. In a heavy freeze, you can help prevent frost damage by covering the leafy foliage with a mason jar. However, even uncovered plants tend to bounce back if well established.

Working with Chamomile

Chamomile is known to promote restful sleep, ease nervousness and digestive discomfort, and provide a sense of overall calm. The plant's apple and honey scented blooms are commonly added to tea blends, baked goods, syrups, fresh plant tinctures, glycerites, infused oils, body care products, and many other herbal preparations.

We love growing chamomile and often have chamomile plants for sale in Central Texas, depending on the season. Here's how to order plants from us.


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