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Growing Kale in Central Texas

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Kale is an under appreciated vegetable in the garden, and it's one of our favorites to grow.

It's prolific, nutrient-dense, and its abundant leafy foliage adds a lot of beauty to an edible landscape. There's so much variety in texture and color!

Kale in the Garden

One reason some people shy away from growing kale (and brassicas in general), is because it can be hard to keep cabbage worms under control. Our tactic is to throw insect netting over top of ours during the hotter temps when they're still young and getting established. Then in the winter, we can take them off. The caterpillars are not as much of an issue in the colder months. Some people use BT (Bacillus thuringiensis), which is a naturally occurring bacteria and an organic option, but we prefer to avoid it if possible.

Cooking with Kale

Another reason some people are hesitant to plant kale is that they're not sure what to do with it. But there are so many tasty ways! We like making kale chips, garlicky stir fried greens, big bowls of steamed kale topped with tahini sauce, soups, stews, and Indian-inspired everything. We also dehydrate and powder it so we can add it to our smoothies. Ask us if you need ideas!


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