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Growing Nasturtiums in Central Texas

Updated: Jan 2

With their round leaves and beautiful edible blooms, nasturtiums add a vibrant pop of color to the garden landscape. These annuals make an excellent companion plant to tuck into the garden in the spring and fall, attracting pollinators and serving as a living mulch with their dense foliage. Their trailing habit and long-lasting blooms make them great for hanging baskets or cascading over the edges of garden beds.

Growing Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums like sun and well-draining soil. They can't tolerate extreme heat or freezing temperatures, so in Central Texas, they grow best in the milder weather of spring and fall. They can be direct sowed or grown from transplants.

Cooking with Nasturtiums

Nasturtium leaves have a distinct spicy, peppery flavor. We like adding them to salads, spring rolls, and pestos. The immature green seed pods can be pickled as well.


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