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Artemisia / Prairie Sage

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Artemisia ludoviciana

Plant family: Asteraceae

Prairie Sage in the Garden Ecosystem

Prairie sage, also known as white sagebrush, estafiate, or western mugwort, grows well in sun or partial shade and makes an ambitious groundcover. Its tall foliage can be chopped down to make a nice living mulch and its aromatic properties help with pest control. It grows easily and enthusiastically, so be sure to put it where you don‘t mind it spreading out and covering the ground.

Working with Prarie Sage

Prairie sage is known to help promote vivid dreams, support creativity, and serve as a protector. We love incorporating this plant's aromatic silvery leaves into our clearing bundles and wreaths. It also makes a nice addition to smoke bends, bath blends, tinctures, satchels, and salves. It’s quite bitter in a tea, so is best combined with more flavorful herbs like peppermint.


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