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Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Amaranth is a gorgeous presence in the garden landscape that has a deep taproot, helping it mine for nutrients deep into the soil and go quite awhile without water. Its towering stalks make great supports for climbing plants, its leaves and seeds are nutrient-dense, and if you don’t eat the seeds yourself, you can leave them up as bird feeders and let them self-seed to start the cycle again.

Growing Amaranth

Amaranth loves the heat and sun. It can be direct seeded as soon as the temperature is warm or grown from transplants. Either way, it'll grow fast and shoot up a large stalk. Since it has a tall, upward habit, we like tucking it in around other plants that grow lower to the ground like herbs and squashes.

There are many varieties of amaranth, so you can really play around with colors and textures. It's such a gorgeous plant.

We love growing amaranth and often have amaranth plants for sale in Central Texas, depending on the season. Here's how to order plants from us.


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